The Graduates [TGRAD] was born in 2006 out of the ashes of Big Blue by instructors, staff, directors, and graduate students of EvE University. Our purpose was to acquire access to 0.0 space for ourselves and graduates of Eve University.

Our first mission was to manage ISS Cassini in EC-P8R. Being a major empire/0.0 gate way, the system was difficult to control. The Torrinos gate itself would change hands every few minutes. You never knew if you would find red, blues, neutrals, or some mix of the the 3 camping the gate. Many ships were lost, many good fights were had by all. In the end, D2 burned down out towers and evicted us from the station, but The Graduates had its baptism by fire.

After a short sojourn as part of the IVY alliance in the drone lands, we accepted an invitation in 2007 to join BRUCE (Brutally Effective Empire). Over only one year of membership, we helped drive it from a small Syndicate alliance to the 2nd largest alliance, in control of most of Fountain. But BRUCEs neutrality in the GOON v BoB wars led to its eventual destruction.

In 2008, TGRAD was invited to join Morsus Mihi in Tribute (then later Delve and Curse). TGRAD was a key contributor to the alliance through times good and bad, until it disbanded in 2011.

We are currently the largest corporation in the The Initiative., located in Syndicate, Curse and Cloud Ring.

The Graduates have earned through it's history a reputation as possessing grit and determination, and never leaving an alliance when faced with a threat. We stick with our friends, and prefer to leave 0.0 space feet first.